Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creating on the Road

I have been traveling for nearly three weeks and trying to create jewelry on the road.  On the plus side, new sights and a change of scenery, which is excellent for getting the creative juices flowing.  On the minus side, you never have all you need to finish your jewelry (unless of course, you bring your whole studio with you).  I just finished a piece I will name "New England Nights"  It was created in this tiny cabin near Butternut Mountain in the Berkshires.  The cabin is rustic and mostly I worked at night on a picnic table with rough wooden legs.  I carry my portable Ott Lamp everywhere, so I had enough light.  Since I spread out on the picnic table, my family had to eat at the counter every night.  They are used to me spreading out. As soon as I am home, I will upload the picture of my new piece and share with other creative types.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I created this necklace for an art competition entitled "Doors of Opportunity".  Each component in this piece represents a part of a house.... bolts, insulation, window frames, and ofcourse, the door.  My home, where my studio is, provides me with the support I need.  My family is solid and my definition of home represents the foundation of my creative life.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First Blog Ever

Its going to come down to time-management.  How do I balance the time needed to make the jewelry, photograph the jewelry, market the jewelry and sell the jewelry?  My learning curve on the new ways of marketing is huge.  Just figuring out how to get the website going took a half a year with my good friend Christine.  Now I read that one needs to blog in order to get people to your website.  So here goes my first effort at this.  Write me back and let me know what you think?